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Steve Kornacki's latest article: Throwing salt in Mitt's wounds

“When your opponent is drowning,” James Carville advised in “All’s Fair,” the 1995 book he wrote with his wife, “throw the son of a bitch an anvil.”

His words came to mind yesterday, when Mitt Romney opened what was designed as a friendly, image-boosting international tour by questioning Britain’s preparation for the Olympics and the readiness of its people to rally around the games, comments that provoked a loud and derisive outcry from the British press and political class.

In Romney’s defense, what he said about the London games is actually tame compared to what Britons themselves have been saying. But surely he should have known the country would have no appetite for hearing it from a visiting American. And so he’s become an unwitting source of national unity – the ill-mannered Yank that all of Britain now wants to prove wrong.

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