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Student in carjacking spree: 'I was drugged'

A college student accused of an erratic crime spree in North Dallas this week apologized to the victims in a jailhouse interview Thursday.

Investigators say Eric Keng carjacked someone, tried to rob a business and led police on a chase in a stolen vehicle on Tuesday.

"I apologize for anything that I did to anyone. It wasn't intentional. I don't know what happened," Keng told in an exclusive interview.

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Police said Keng went on a wild rampage near the 18000 block of Marsh Lane, where officers said he smashed a driver's windshield with a golf club, tried to carjack two people, successfully carjacked a third and tried to rob a business.

 Investigators said Keng then led police on a car chase in a stolen vehicle. Officers used spike sticks to get Keng to pull over. Police said he was so erratic, officers had to wrestle him to the ground using pepper spray.

Keng said he took an energy supplement earlier in the day.

"I was cleaning my mom's house to make sure she was happy when she got home, and then I took some pre-workout stuff called C4, and then I went completely nuts," he said.

Keng said he often takes the energy supplement and thinks someone, possibly a friend, slipped something in it that caused him to act out.

"I think I was drugged," he said.

"I sincerely believe someone put something in that C4, because I've taken it many times before, and the one time I took it this time, I wake up in jail and hear about this (expletive), and that's not me," he said.

Keng started crying several times during the interview.

He also apologized to his family.

"I just don't want my mom to be mad," he said, with tears running down his face. "It's not me, but clearly it is. I'm sorry."

Keng said he was enrolled to continue classes at Brookhaven Community College in the fall. He said was hoping to join the military or the Air Force but doesn't see any of that happening now.

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