Suicide Bombers Exploded TNT at Turkey Peace Rally

More Peace Rallies in Turkey Following Ankara Bombing 0:32

Turkey's deputy prime minister said the two suicide bombers of the Ankara peace rally blew themselves up by each exploding 11 pounds of TNT.

Numan Kurtulmus told journalists at the end of a Cabinet meeting Monday that authorities have detained "a large number" of suspects following the attacks that killed 97 people. He refused to give a figure and wouldn't say which terror groups, if any, they are affiliated with.

Image: BESTPIX Funerals Are Held For The Victims Of The Ankara Bomb Blasts
A relative cries over the coffin of Uygar Coskun, killed in Saturday's bombing attacks, during his funeral, on Oct. 12, 2015 in Ankara, Turkey. Gokhan Tan / Getty Images

Kurtulmus said investigators are close to identifying the bombers, who he said had likely infiltrated from a neighboring country.

The deputy prime minister said the attacks aimed to sow discord and create "deep fissures" within Turkey, and called for unity and solidarity.

Ambassadors from European Union countries paid their respects to the 97 victims Monday.

Suicide Bombers Target Peace Rally in Turkish Capital: 95 Dead 2:13

The ambassadors laid flowers outside Ankara's main train station — the site of the Turkey's deadliest terror attack in years.

They arrived in a convoy of cars bearing their countries flags. Saturday's attacks drew widespread condemnation from Turkey's allies.