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Supersizing the Super PAC

You've all heard about the super PAC, the unlimited political spending machines that are reshaping the way campaigns are run. But how did we get to this place? And is it just the beginning of a political system completely controlled by money? In an insightful new article in The Atlantic, James Bennet explores the rise and fall of campaign finance regulations over the last century and talks with the foot soldiers who are responsible for this new big money environment. According to Bennet, one prediction of those pushing for unlimited contributions and a bigger say by business and billionaires is that in a few years politicians will want their own campaigns to look more like super PACs. "To have any chance of competing with the super pacs, they will abolish, or at least drastically raise, all contribution limits, to whichever candidate, from whatever source. And then the money will really start to pour in," Bennet wrote. 

Click on the video clip above to see our full discussion with James Bennet.