Suspected U.S. Drone Strike Hits Pakistan’s Kurram Tribal Region

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Four missiles fired by a suspected U.S. drone hit mud homes in Pakistan's troubled Kurram tribal region Monday, a local official and residents told NBC News.

Three residents in the town of Sadda, just 10 miles from the Afghan border, said the strike hit three homes, killing four suspected militants and injuring three others.

A local government official speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed the strike but said that no one died and only one person was injured. He said the homes were empty. Such discrepancies are common in the immediate aftermath of such strikes.

The villagers, who did not want to be named for security reasons, claimed the four people killed were militants from the Haqqani network, a powerful organization which has been described as the "Kennedys of the Taliban movement."

One of the tribesmen said that Taliban militants used to stay in the houses before ‎and after their attacks against foreign and Afghan forces across the border.

He said the four injured militants were treated at a private medical clinic in the town.

U.S. military officials in the Afghan capital of Kabul declined to comment.