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Taking one for the team: Australian Edition

Now this is what political water carrying looks like. The defender: Bill Shorten, Australia's Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations. The defendee: Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Reports The Guardian:

Bill Shorten, the Australian workplace relations minister, was asked by Sky News Australia whether he felt the parliamentary speaker, Peter Slipper, should be allowed to go back to his job after being accused of sexual harassment and misuse of funds.

Aware Gillard was abroad, but unaware of what she'd said on the matter, Shorten replied: "I haven't seen what she's said, but let me say I support what it is she said." Pressed by an astonished presenter to confirm he backed his boss even though he didn't know what she'd said, he nodded: "I support what she said ... My view is what the prime minister's view is."

Saaaa-lute! Mitt Romney would sell of three of his vacation homes for that kind of team discipline.