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Taste-test: The Instant Heart Attack sandwich

The Instant Heart Attack sandwich is decadent and delicious, and a treat New Yorkers can continue to enjoy.
The Instant Heart Attack sandwich is decadent and delicious, and a treat New Yorkers can continue to enjoy.Sarah Spigelman

The Instant Heart Attack promises a coronary via two latkes  — deep-fried potato pancakes — sandwiching layers of pastrami.

The 804-calorie sandwich from Second Avenue Deli in New York City recently came under fire after the Heart Attack Grill, a Las Vegas  restaurant famous for its fatty offerings, including the Quadruple Bypass Burger (which holds a Guinness World Record for its 9,982 calories), tried to prevent  The Second Avenue Deli from selling the Instant Heart Attack. A federal judge ruled in favor of the deli, so I made my way over to the Upper East Side to try this controversial sandwich.

The taste is just as decadent and satisfying as you could imagine. The sandwich towers almost as high as a soda can, wobbling with meat and potatoes. The latkes are crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, tasting like the world’s best french fry. Dense and stiff, they absorb the pastrami’s juices and hold up to the sandwich better than regular bread. The pastrami itself is excellent. Soft and thickly sliced, with opalescent streams of fat running along the outside. Peppery with a slightly sweet edge from cloves, the meat isn’t as salty or garlic-laden as other deli pastrami. It all comes together perfectly with a spoonful of the deli’s mustard.

While an 804-calorie sandwich isn’t the worst thing for your waistline (its nemesis the Quadruple Bypass burger clocks in at 12 times as many calories), it certainly will make a dent in your wallet, at $24.95. And if you’ve got a little more to spare, you can try the new Triple Bypass for $34.95, which features a third latke.

If you’re looking for an indulgent sandwich, this will do the trick, and the best part is that you’ll likely make it out alive, unlike some who’ve dined at the Heart Attack Grill

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