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Team Romney bars reporter from asking about Akin, abortion

Careful what you wish for, Mitt.

Mitt Romney is coming under fire for insisting that if a Denver television reporter wanted an interview with him, the journo better not ask any questions about embattled Missouri Senate nominee Todd Akin—or about abortion.

Romney got his wish—sort of. Shaun Boyd, a CBS-affiliated reporter, steered clear of the verboten topics. But then she explained to viewers on air that “the one stipulation to the interview was that I not ask him about abortion or Todd Akin"—leaving the Romney camp red-faced. 

On Thursday's Hardball with Chris Matthews, Ron Reagan called Team Romney's demand absurd.

"I don't understand how he thinks this is going to fly," said Reagan. "It's certainly not going to fly in televised debates where he'll look like a fool if he takes that sort of stance. I don't think it will fly on the trail either."

Reagan said Romney was acting like a "CEO that's just used to getting his own way," something Matthews agreed with.

"A CEO of a major U.S. corporation can deny access to the press and perhaps protect himself or herself from any coverage, but if you're running for president, you're not dealing with the business press," Matthews said.

The Romney campaign appears eager to tamp down the controversy. “This is not how we operate," a campaign source told the Washington Post. "The matter is being addressed.”

Rick Tyler, a former Newt Gingrich spokesman, also acknowledged that candidates shouldn't set up ground rules for the press, but argued that when it comes to such demands, the "president is as guilty as Mitt Romney."

Still, the Obama campaign was quick to jump on the misstep, releasing a statement that said:

It's no surprise why. On Tuesday, the Republican Party officially endorsed the Akin Amendment, which would ban abortion for all women, including rape victims, and Paul Ryan has struggled to explain his support for redifinfding rape. Mitt Romney's camapign might be able to muzzle reporters from asking tough questions, but women acrioss America deserve to know the truth about Romney-Ryan's extreme agenda.