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Thinning The Heard

If you're Rand Paul, you get to exercise your First Amendment rights on the floor of the Senate--until your bladder can't take it any more. Citizens elsewhere in America, good luck with that.

A federal district court has ordered the public library in Salem, Missouri to stop blocking patrons' access to websites relating to minority religions, which web filters had at times apparently classified as "occult" or "criminal,"...  A Salem resident complained that she couldn't get onto websites about Native American religions and Wiccan faith.

Tony Rothert, legal director for the ACLU of Eastern Missouri, told The Riverfront Times, "Libraries do not have a license to censor viewpoints they disagree with. Viewpoint discrimination should not be tolerated."

Meanwhile, the Dallas Observer reports:

...the city has agreed to barricade and shut down Dealey Plaza for two weeks bracketing the November 22 anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's murder in 1963. ...The city's stated goal is to keep Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists away from the immense hordes of international press that city leaders fear will show up for the event.

Will the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination bring a surge of, let's say, unpopular speech to Dallas? Absolutely. But it should still be protected, just like when Rand Paul tries to compare President Obama to Hitler. That's why the First Amendment is first.