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Three more arrested in David Ortiz shooting

Nine people have now been arrested in the shooting of the former Red Sox star.

Three more people were arrested in the shooting of David Ortiz, according to the attorney general's office of the Dominican Republic.

Lanny Estefanny Pérez Reyes, José Eduardo Ciprián (Chuki) and Carlos Rafael Álvarez (Carlos Nike) are suspected of being involved in the shooting, in which a single gunman shot Ortiz, 43, once in the back Sunday night at the Dial Bar and Lounge in the eastern part of Santo Domingo.

Six people, including the alleged gunman, Rolfi Ferreira-Cruz, 25, also known as Ramon Martinez Perez, were arrested Wednesday. Police said that group was offered almost $8,000 for a coordinated hit on the former Red Sox star, known affectionately as "Big Papi."

Ciprián and Álvarez are already serving prison sentences for other crimes, according to a statement from the attorney general's office, which did not specify how the three new suspects were allegedly involved in the shooting.

The statement said that as the investigation continues, other arrests were likely. On Wednesday, authorities said another suspect remained at large, and asked that Luis Alfredo Riva Clases, known as "The Surgeon," turn himself in.

Ortiz suffered liver damage, and his gallbladder and part of his intestines were removed following the shooting. Jhoel López, a local television host who was with Ortiz, was injured in the leg by the same bullet that struck Ortiz. He was released from the hospital Monday.

Ortiz was airlifted from a clinic in the Dominican Republic to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he will remain in the intensive care unit for the time being, his wife, Tiffany, said in a statement Thursday, adding that "he is making good progress towards recovery.”

On Thursday, Ortiz's daughter, Alexandria Ortiz, posted pictures of her father on Instagram, highlighting his positivity even during his recovery.

"If there is one thing this world should know it is the admiration I have for this man, my father," Alexandria wrote.

"I find myself complaining on a daily basis yet chaos has struck but my dad hasn't complained once. I promise on my life he has not once looked for pity, tears, or even indicated how he feels in his current state," she wrote. "He may be hungry (he's eating only ice right now) and he may be tired but you know what he said not more than 3 minutes ago? 'Even the toothpaste tastes good here.'"