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Thursday's Mini-Report

Vice President Biden met with opponents of gun control today, including NRA officials.
Vice President Biden met with opponents of gun control today, including NRA officials.White House photo

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Try to contain your surprise: "The National Rifle Association on Thursday said it was 'disappointed' with the results of a meeting with the gun violence prevention task force led by Vice President Joe Biden." Apparently, Biden believes in some gun control measures.

* On a related note, the task force is ahead of schedule: "Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will present President Obama with proposals for stemming gun violence by Tuesday, setting in motion legislative and executive actions that will encompass guns, ammunition, mental health services and violent images in popular culture."

* Brutal violence in Pakistan: "Bomb blasts in two Pakistani cities killed at least 115 people on Thursday and wounded more than 270, offering harrowing evidence of how the country's myriad internal conflicts could destabilize it as elections approach."

* Another school shooting: "A high school teacher and a campus supervisor talked a student into surrendering after he opened fire in a classroom, wounding a classmate at a school in California's southern San Joaquin Valley on Thursday morning, police said."

* In case anyone's curious, there is a uniformed deputy sheriff that monitors the school's campus all day. Update: it turns out the deputy sheriff didn't make it to work today.

* Would the trillion-dollar coin lead to another downgrade of America's credit rating? As it turns out, no, it wouldn't.

* A welcome change of heart: "Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) on Tuesday toured areas in the Northeast devastated by Hurricane Sandy and left with the impression that it is now 'time for the federal government to provide immediate relief to those affected by the storm,' the Gulf Coast lawmaker said in a statement."

* Fascinating piece from Chris Mooney: "The Science of Why Comment Trolls Suck: The online peanut gallery can get you so riled up that your ability to reason goes out the window, a new study finds."

* Stay classy, Rush: "Limbaugh: liberals 'would never use their guns to kill kids. They'll use abortion for that.'"

Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.