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Thursday's Mini-Report

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Along the Gulf Coast, the impact of Isaac is not nearly over.

* According to international inspectors, Iran has "already installed three-quarters of the nuclear centrifuges it needs to complete a deep-underground site for the production of nuclear fuel.... The finding is likely to affirm the belief of Israeli officials that President Obama must make clear his intention to halt Iran's program or give tacit approval for Israel to act on its own."

* Industrial efficiency: "It's not a new solar manufacturing plant. It's not a revolutionary wind turbine. And it's not a fancy new electric vehicle. But a big clean energy initiative announced by the White House today may be a bigger deal than all of those combined. Yes, the President is pursuing industrial energy efficiency -- a lot of it."

* Four years ago, the Republican platform was at least marginally sensible in recognizing the climate crisis. Not anymore.

* Mitt Romney is apparently finicky about his teleprompter. This will not be the subject of a tiresome national discussion, but IOKIYAR.

* The Reagan hologram, the mere possibility of which was the butt of many jokes, was apparently part of an actual RNC plan, though we probably won't see it tonight.

* More than 20 million Americans tuned in last night to watch Paul Ryan's dishonest convention speech. For comparison's sake, four years ago, more than 37 million watched Sarah Palin.

* Since I was critical of William Saletan's recent praise of Paul Ryan, it's only fair that I note he's had a change of heart.

* I always enjoy political cartoonist Jim Moris, but today's installment is especially noteworthy.

* And Rush Limbaugh told listeners yesterday that rich people "are just poor people with money." So true, Rush. So true.

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