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Today in hyperbole: Wisconsin Lt. Gov plays the 'sugar daddy' card

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch
Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch

It seems the already ugly Wisconsin recall drama can get even uglier. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel(with our own annotation:

 "Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch is attacking a Democratic recall challenger to Gov. Scott Walker and throwing gender politics into the mix. Kleefisch, a Republican, is criticizing former Dane County executive Kathleen Falk for 'setting women back 50 years.' " (Right…because a woman trying to replace an ovverreaching Republican male governor is so "Mad Men." Run along and get me some coffee, toots.)

"Kleefisch said Falk is using public employee unions as a 'sugar daddy' to support her campaign" (Apparently labor unions are pimps now. Good to know. So that makes Kathleen Falk….what, exactly? Hate the game, not the player…)  

"…and in exchange promising to strongly restore collective bargaining provisions repealed by Walker." (Because no one would want to restore collective bargaining rights just because it's the fair thing to do. A person would have to be bribed to fight for something like that…)

" 'It is scandalous, and it reeks of the dependent, fragile woman leaning on a big, strong arm because she doesn't believe she can do it on her own,' Kleefisch said." (1—So, working within an organization is scandalous? Does Scott Walker know about this?   2—Reeks? Ms. Kleefisch, you can actually smell the indignation of the electorate? Would that be Eau de No?… 3—“dependent, fragile woman?” Dependent, fragile women ALWAYS take on entrenched, well-funded power elites. That’s what they DO.  4-“Leaning on a big, strong arm” Are you familiar with the term “projection?” Or “anthropomorphism? ”Also? I know lots of  women with big strong arms.      Big, strong capable arms.  5-“Because she doesn’t believe she can do it on her own”  So, what you’re saying is: I’d like to replace Governor Walker, but I’m such a weak silly girl that I need a rich, manly union with big strong arms to achieve my selfish dreams for me. Is that what you’re actually saying? Just checking….)