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TODAY's Life Illustrated: Favorite Four-Legged Friends

By Victoria Moll-Ramirez, Weekend TODAY

There's nothing like coming home and finding your best friend waiting for you at the door, wagging its tail. Or laying on the couch watching your favorite show as your spoiled feline head buds you for some love. This edition of TODAY's Life Illustrated takes a look at the four-legged friends who always bring smiles and affection to your daily life.

"Throw it, throw it!" -Courtney Shearer

Taking turns
Taking turns

Mary Ann from Whippany, NJ submitted this picture of her chocolate ice cream loving cats. She said this is them during a "Let's share" moment.

Love to the rescue
Love to the rescue

“Sophie is the sweetest rescue we could have ever hoped to adopt” -Janine Graves

 "This is what happens when you give your cat to your mom." -Rene Vidaillet

In need of some sun

“Where’s all that white stuff coming from?” - Chrissy Somers


Victoria Moll-Ramirez is a news associate at Weekend TODAY and misses her kittens every day.