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Travel photo of the day: Deer in the frosted forest

Deer at Seven Mile Hill, The Dalles, Ore.
Deer at Seven Mile Hill, The Dalles, Ore.David Bullock / UGC

David Bullock didn't have to go far to capture this scene of three deer in the woods; he spotted the trio on his property on a recent morning.

Bullock lives in a rural area of northern Oregon known as The Dalles. While it may look like snow has blanketed the trees and brush in the photo, Bullock told that the white substance was actually frozen fog. "It clings to everything," he said.

Bullock had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to photograph the deer in a breathtaking setting. Luckily, he was carrying a camera when he came across the deer.

The image also struck a chord with readers --  the photo received 1,900 votes and overwhelmingly won this week's gallery.

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