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Travel photo of the day: Looking up at the world's tallest waterfall

Angel Falls, Venezuela
Angel Falls, VenezuelaMelanie Typaldos / UGC

Reader Melanie Typaldos captured this impressive image of Angel Falls in Venezuela a decade ago.

She told that she took the picture using film and scanned a slide in order to produce the digital image.

Angel Falls, which is located in Venezuela's Canaima National Park, is the tallest waterfall in the world, but it is not easy to reach.

"We had to get up at 5 a.m. for a four-hour canoe ride and then a two-hour trek through the rainforest to get to a location [where] the falls were visible through a break in the forest," she wrote in an email. "This was taken around noon as the last of a heavy morning fog burned off, leaving a few clouds hugging the rims of the tepui with the brilliant blue sky behind.

"Later we climbed to a pool where water cascading from the falls has made a hollow in the rocks. The water was frigid and the current strong with another waterfall not far downstream, but the view was fantastic."

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