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TRMS Headline Writing Challenge: Infoxication

Anyone worried that President Obama's re-election would blunt the conservative spearhead called Fox Nation -- relax. Witness a sampling of FN's second-term prowess (these are all real, btw) :    

  • Greta Calls Out Pres. Obama: He Wants His "Usual Media Pass."
  • Hedge Fund Hot Shots Flee High-Tax NY
  • Paul Ryan: Victorious Obama Seeks to "delegitimize" GOP
  • Immigration Reform Could Add Millions of Latinos to ObamaCare
  • CURL: The Terrifying Mindset of Hillary Clinton

Inspired? Queasy? Trembling with rage? Good. Now it's your turn. Here are three recent stories.    

Major Climate Changes Looming

World's First Biofuel Flight Powered by 100 Percent Plant Oil

Neanderthal Cloning Chatter Highlights Scientific Illiteracy

Given the Infoxication treatment, these headlines could look something like...:

Orcs, Hippogriffs Gather For Liberal Fantasy Fest

Pothead Dems Achieve Herbal Lift-Off

Smug Science Elites Diss Your Grandparents, Great-Grandparents

Now, summon your inner Fox, write your own headlines and we'll post the results tomorrow. Good luck!