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TRMS Headline Writing Challenge: Infoxication (special Rep. Todd Akin Edition)

While the rest of the news media is busily dissecting Congressman Todd Akin's (R-Mo) jaw-dropping "legitimate rape" comments, (here and here and here) the fine folks at Fox Nation have bravely turned their gaze to other stories of crucial national import like these:

Critical issues all. (And seriously, Fox Nation is barely touching the Akin story--it's like an infectious hantavirus for them....) But one wonders, how would the peerless artisans at Fox Nation treat a Todd Akin headline like this?

How about?

  • Critics: Obama's Offensive News Conference Hits New Low
  • Conservative Congressman Stands Firm Against Liberal Onslaught
  • Baby Pandas Like Leaves, Naps

Now it's your turn. Take this headline: Senate Candidate's Comments on Rape Stir Outcry, give it the full Infoxication headline treatment, and we'll post samples of your genius tomorrow. Good luck!