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TRMS Infoxication Writing Challenge Winners

Your winning streak continues! The second round of the TRMS Infoxication Writing Challenge fulfilled the promise of the first and proved that when it comes to creating brilliant, Fox Nation-esque headlines, our audience yields to no one. As for winners, congratulations, you all won. (Just to recap, infoxication means transforming these three headlines into roaring, terror-filled Fox Nation headlines.)

Egypt Lines Up To Vote In Its First Free Presidential Election

  • Acorn and Muslim Brotherhood Conspire to Steal Two Elections-- Fugudaddy
  • Obama's '09 Cairo Speech Causing Long, Endless Lines of Highly Opinionated Muslims-- Ed Steinfeld
  • Obama Votes in Egyptian Election: Arpaio Sends Deputies to Cairo-- Lisa A. Wallace
  • Obama's Fellow Africans Consider Committing Voter Fraud In November-- Lewis Macdonald

Special Organ in Jaw Helps Whales Take Big Gulps

  • Obama Takes "Big Gulps" Out of Budget—Record-Breaking Tax Hikes Fund DNC Whale-Watching Tour-- Hugh James
  • 'Occupy The Ocean: Krill Protest The Success Of 'Greedy', 'Rapacious', 'Elite', Cetaceans.' -- Lewis Macdonald
  • Gov't Waste Alert: Tax Dollars Spent to Study Whale Performance Enhancement-- grape crush
  • Michelle Obama Eyes "Let's Move" for Big Fish-- June 1636030
  • Evolution "Science" Can't Explain Whale Fail -- Carol Sulcoski

Fifteen California Parks Saved By Generous Donation

  • Twigs and Leaves Spared in Land of Fruits and Nuts—Sonja Blair
  • Democrats Enlisting Mother Nature In Re-Election Bid: GOP Fears Goring And Mauling.-- Lewis Macdonald
  • George Soros Begins Bid to Buy Entire State of California-- Sandyc954
  • 95% of Agoraphobics Against Using Donations to Save California Parks --Sean McMullin
  • Obama Gathers Liberal California Supporters to Enact Animal Welfare -- Raisa Cramer
  • Man Wastes Money On Parks While Many Millionaires Struggle to Survive Without Car Elevators -- Mark 2013339
  • Obama's Park Death Panels Decide Which Live, Which Die --Elle Kaye