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TRMS Writing Challenge: George W. Bush gift shop items RESULTS

Or humblest thanks for your enthusiastic response to the latest TRMS Writing Challenge.  Here is a random sampling of the many stellar answers to the question: what should be sold in George W. Bush's Presidential Library gift shop?:

  • Heckuva Job Brownies --bd2346505
  • Iraqi Reporter Action Figure complete with "Action Shoe" --Truckloadbear
  • The Decider: a magic 8-ball that always comes up Yes --Carl Forde
  • STRATEGERY!: A Game Of World Domination! For ages 3 and up --Strickland Sims- DiaNa

Piñatas of both the U.S. Constitution and the American Economy --John King 7989339

And for a Limited time only, on loan from John McCain, copies of Mitt Romney's taxes --Sarge GW

Ballot chad confetti --jhamje

Spreadsheet showing the shift from budget surplus to deficit during Bush's presidency ---ddb2023

Unused copy of "Fodor's Guide to New Orleans" --Donna Roger Sauer

Thank you cards... compliments of Halliburton --Victor Del Mar

An empty box labeled "Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction" --Kathleen Cecchin

How to paint by numbers. How to live in denial. How to fool a Nation. How to get richer by working with the Saudis. How not to look for terrorists --Jean Ouderkirk