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TRMS writing challenge: The missing CPAC panels RESULTS

Our humble thanks to all who participated in our missing CPAC panels writing challenge. Given the overall excellence of your suggestions, I suspect some of you are secretly pining to program the Conservative Political Action Conference one day. Never say never! Here is a random assortment of your genius:

Not Just Upside-Down Commas: How to Turn Unpleasant Facts into "Facts"—Formerly Apolitical

MoveOut.Org--introducing an online movement to fix the immigration problem microgeek

Grassroots Astroturfing Workshop: How We Turned an Anonymous Mailbox in Wyoming into a Front for a Front for a Front and Spammed a Nation Chris Boese

Job Creators: 10 Billion Dollars Away From Sleeping Under a Bridge Creatrix

Third marriage-- How to sell it to your constituents A Brady

Success Tips from Emergency Managers mmm2


Karl Rove Explains the Long Game: Why Losing a Bunch of Elections Was Secretly Super Clever Ali Davis

You Are Not a Troll. You Are a Very Useful Engine to Spread the Right Wing Talking Points--how to use your typing skills to counter the liberal offensive microgeek

The Fight for Antiquated Ideas: How to take back 40 years of progress ratliff8584

Habeus Porpoise: A Republican's guide to writing off a family vacation in Orlando as a business expense BuerreBlanc

Special Evening Program: Glenn Beck Shouting Something about Bowler Hats Ali Davis