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Tumblr marks its 10 billionth post

Daily Bez celebrates the one-year anniversary of her own Tumblr blog.
Daily Bez celebrates the one-year anniversary of her own Tumblr blog.

Popular blogging site Tumblr marked its 10 billionth post Friday, astonishing growth considering it had half that number of posts in May.

The wacky website is known for its character and characters. As's Helen A.S. Popkin noted, since Tumblr's 2007 launch:

... it "quickly grew as the go-to point for single serving blogs (often with NSFW titles) such as "Look at this F---ing Hipster," "STFU, Parents," "Animals with Casts," countless "F--- Yeah" Tumblogs,  and a collection point for the latest celebrity photo memes including "Selleck Waterfall Sandwich," "Jumping Rob Pattinson," etc.

"The past year has been massive for Tumblr, as its grown from 7 to 28 million blogs," said The Next Web, such a big fan that it recently started a weekly column called Tumblr Tuesday "where every Tuesday we celebrate our love of Tumblr by interviewing the mastermind behind the blog."

The New York-based site can honestly boast of being pretty much "the easiest way to blog," letting users post photos, text and videos in short updates.

Royal Pingdom, which has been monitoring Tumblr's rapid ascent to 10 billion posts, said recently that "the average number of new Tumblr posts per day seems to hover somewhere around 37.5 million. For now, we should add. That number will of course increase over time as Tumblr grows."

Those 37.5 million daily posts break down to 434 posts per second, 26,000 posts per minute and 1.56 million posts per hour, Royal Pingdom said.

Another analysis of Tumblr's torrential success comes from Quantcast, which produced this Missoni-like graphic showing Tumblr's growth in the past six months:


If things keep going the way they are, Tumblr will "pass 20 billion (posts) in nine months," said Royal Pingdom. "Considering how Tumblr usage is increasing, though, we expect that to happen a lot sooner."

— Via The Next Web

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