Turkish Deputy PM Turns Ire From Laughing Women to Pole-Dancing

The Turkish deputy prime minister, who was ridiculed when he told women not to laugh in public, has walked into a second social media storm - this time for lashing out at women who "can't wait to climb poles when they see one." Bülent Arınç was attempting Wednesday to explain his comments, but appeared to make matters worse by suggesting women could not resist pole-dancing while on holiday with their extramarital lovers. His original remark about laughter, on Monday, prompted thousands of women to post defiant, smiling selfies.

Baturay Çevik was one of thousands to deride the pole-dancing statement, tweeting a picture of his dog halfway up a pole.

Direniş Haberleri suggested poles on buses should be removed.

And Can Ozan imagined the logical conclusion of Arınç's idea, posting a picture of a Turkish flagpole covered in clamoring people.

The Turkish government's attempts to impose conservative values has caused friction, particularly with secularists in the predominantly Muslim country. According to Hurriyet Daily News, Arınç's comments were directed at the wife of a Turkish soccer player who posted a racy photo on Instagram.


- Alexander Smith