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Tweet Seat: How Broadway's Godspell deals with cell phones

By Jay Kernis and Sopan Deb
Rock Center

There are almost 100 million smart phones in the United States. We can’t seem to live without them or turn them off, even for a few moments. 

Inevitably, this means that places like theaters, concert halls and churches are being routinely interrupted by a ring tone seemingly at the most climactic moment or by people texting in adjacent seats. 

In an upcoming Rock Center, NBC's Willie Geist examines the impact of cell phones on actors, musicians and audiences. He meets performers who object to being distracted by the interruptions, a priest who had a heck of a time finding the source of a ring that interrupted his service and a world renowned pianist who heard one ringtone so many times that he decided to write a waltz based on it.

In this online exclusive, see how one Broadway show, Godspell, is finding a way to make cell phones part of the theater experience. 

Editor's Note: Click here to watch Willie Geist's full report about cell phone interruptions from NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams.