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#TweetThePress - David Gregory to interview Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss on Twitter at 2pmET

Today at 2:00pm/et, "Meet the Press" continues its #TweetThePress Twitter interview series between David Gregory and Michael Beschloss, Presidential Historian. 

With Congressional gridlock at all time highs and approval ratings at all time lows; are things the worst they've ever been in Washington?

To participate in today's #TweetThePress Twitter interview with David Gregory and Michael Beschloss, follow @DavidGregory and @BeschlossDC and submit questions using #TweetThePress.

More about Michael Beschloss on Twitter from The Washington Post:

Michael Beschloss has written nine books — and in the past six months, more than 1,000 tweets.

For a historian accustomed to quiet pursuits and tweedy acceptance, his Twitter account,@beschlossDC, has become an unexpected source of popular and critical approbation. He has used Twitter to transmit historical-recording snippets, quotes, documents and — most successfully — era-specific photographs that dignify a newish platform of communication. Unlike many other academics, he has embraced social media to democratize the delicious elements of our nation’s past.