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Twitter 'following' messed up for some

Is your Twitter account showing you're "following" someone you're not? And removing those you do follow? Don't panic. Twitter said Tuesday the short-messaging blog is experiencing a problem that is a "known issue that our engineers are currently working to fix."

"Some users are noticing that their following tab does not accurately reflect the accounts they are following," Twitter says on a Help Center page, citing the image shown above. "Don’t worry, you haven’t automatically unfollowed anyone."

Even though it may look like you're not following a user, you still are. "If you click through to the user’s profile page, you will see that you are indeed still following them," Twitter says.

Judging by the hundreds of comments users have posted on the help page, there's a lot of frustration out there about the situation.

"My account unfollows the same people every 5 minutes! It's very annoying and I cannot see their tweets if their accounts are protected," "I have more followers every day yet once again (several times this has happened), my follower number stays the same for days" and "I have to go in daily and re-follow about 10 people, and it's never the same people and there seems to be no pattern to why they are being unfollowed" are among the remarks.

Twitter says it wants as much user info on this as possible, and is asking users to leave their username, the usernames of accounts that are showing up as unfollowed and "any recent interaction you have had with those accounts: @replies, mentions, or DMs (direct messages)."

You may also want to add @support, Twitter's support account, to those you follow — even though, because of current circumstances, it may not show up right away.

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