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Veepstakes: How to pick a veep

Real Clear’s Cannon looks at the history of picking vice presidents and the considerations, including: geography, ideological balance, doubling, down, complementary choice, diversity, doing the heavy lifting, running alone, and the Hail Mary.

BUSH: Jeb Bush STILL doesn’t want to be veep.

HALEY: In a Facebook chat, the SC governor said, “My preference would be Bobby Jindal or Condi Rice.”

HUCKABEE: Hogan Gidley, Santorum’s ex-spokesman and spokesman for HuckPAC, was pushing Huckabee for veep.  Real Clear’s Conroy writes: Gidley is going to call Romney camp members to push Huckabee’s cause. “The way the news cycle is now, the vice presidency is more high-profile than it used to be, and you need to have someone who’s vetted and doesn’t have any major surprises,” Gidley said. “I think one of the reasons to pick Mike Huckabee is that he’s done it before. He’s been vetted, he’s good on the stump, he’s great on a debate stage, he’s inspiring, he was a governor, he energizes the base.” (h/t: GOP 12)

THUNE: Sununu says “no question” Thune’s on the list.