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Veepstakes: How the vetting happens

“For months, Mitt Romney's most trusted dirt-diggers have been scouring the secret histories of several Republicans—including punchy Chris Christie, sexy Marco Rubio, snoozy Rob Portman—as they jockey to be his running mate,” GQ’s Zengerle writes. “It's veep-vetting season, and it's the most invasive process in politics. Just how squeamish does it get? We sent Jason Zengerle to one of Washington's top vetters to find out if he's got what it takes to be the next.”

USA Today on the article: “GQ calls vetting a vice presidential pick ‘the most invasive process in politics.’ There are lengthy questionnaires dealing with personal finances, drug use, church attendance, foreign countries visited and the like. Interviews are said to touch on sexual encounters, fidelity, and ‘what if’ policy situations.”