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Veepstakes: No dial tone

DANIELS: Just how much does Mitch Daniels want you to know he’s not going to be Romney’s veep: “If I thought that call was coming, I would disconnect the phone,” Daniels said in an interview with Fox News on Monday, per The Hill.

And: “When asked if the Romney campaign had contacted him during its vetting process, Daniels responded, ‘of course not,’ and added that it’s ‘not an office I want to hold, expect to hold, have any plans to hold.’”

MCDONNELL: “Virginia’s General Assembly wrapped up its session last week by handing Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) some solid victories, humbling defeats and yet another divisive social issue to overshadow it all,” the Washington Post writes.

Marc Thiessen goes after McDonnell on national security: “[N]ow McDonnell’s national security credentials have come into question, thanks to his mishandling of a bill passed by the Virginia General Assembly that disassociates the commonwealth from the military detention of al-Qaeda or its terrorist affiliates who happen to be U.S. citizens.”