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Veepstakes: Rice says 'no way' on VP

CHRISTIE: Romney raises money in New Jersey with the Garden State governor tonight.

JINDAL: Ramesh Ponnuru likes Bobby Jindal, per GOP 12.

PORTMAN: Dick Cheney thought Rob Portman was tougher in debate prep than Joe Lieberman was in real life.

RICE: Condi Rice again ruled out being veep despite her rousing speech in Utah before Romney donors, et al. "I didn't run for student council president; I don't see myself in any way in elective office. I love policy, I'm not particularly fond of politics,” she said on CBS, adding, “I'm saying there is no way I will do this, because it's really not me."

Despite her disdain for politics, NBC’s Alex Moe reports on Rice’s speech at a fundraiser before a conservative women’s group on Capitol Hill, her first such Capitol Hill fundraising event.

RUBIO: “Before the Supreme Court of the United States gutted much of the Arizona immigration law in a decision released on Monday, Rubio tackled the subject on an appearance on ‘Fox and Friends’ on Fox News earlier in the day,” Sunshine State News writes. Despite Romney having called the Arizona law a “model” for the nation, Rubio said, “I think Arizona-type laws are not the ideal. But we have to understand why states like Arizona did it and if we really don’t like Arizona laws then the federal government should do its job.”

Still Rubio praised Romney on immigration, calling him “the most compelling voice in favor of legal immigration that we’ve seen in quite some time.”