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Veepstakes: Rubio says Romney should look for someone else

The Huffington Post’s Ward looks at the veepstakes: “Romney's search for a running mate will be guided by a few factors, and the individual qualities and resumes of each potential pick will play an important role. But there will be another significant element: the situational dynamics of the presidential election four months from now, when the GOP convention in Tampa begins on Aug. 27. Will Romney be trailing President Obama in the polls so much that he needs a jolt, a game changer, a boost of energy? Or will the race be neck and neck, in a dead heat? If so, he will likely be seeking a less risky choice, someone who will not affect the race significantly in either a positive or negative way.”

“The Globe has put together a gallery of some possibilities, ranging from the likely (Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Condoleezza Rice) to the more improbable (see: Allen West).”

John McCain likes Rob Portman and Paul Ryan: "I think that Rob Portman has to be one of the top contenders. He’s an incredible force in Washington on the economy and on budgetary issues. There’s nobody as qualified as him unless it’s Paul Ryan."

HALEY: Nikki Haley is profiled in Vogue (complete with glam shots).

JINDAL: Jindal signed education reform into law, and AP says, it “may be the signature achievement” of his second term. But GOP 12’s Heinze doesn’t think it necessarily makes him a hotter veep candidate: “I don't think this necessarily makes him a more attractive Veep candidate, because education just isn't as big a deal this year. But... the voucher legislation would fit nicely into his resume for a 2016 run, and Iowa evangelicals will love his willingness to be aggressive on this issue. So, big stuff for '12? Not really. For 2016? You betcha.”

RUBIO: NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell: “Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said today Mitt Romney should look for someone else with more experience than he has to join the GOP ticket. Rubio, a freshman senator, said other Republicans are in a better career position to serve. However, Rubio clearly opened the door to 2016 or beyond.”

NBC’s Andrew Rafferty reported that Rubio said yesterday that if Mitt Romney asked him to be VP, he’d say, “No.”

RYAN: On him and his budget being a lightning rod, to FOX, per GOP 12: “Look, we think we owe the country a choice. If we have a debt crisis in this nation which the president is bringing us to -- the Senate's not even budgeting for three years -- the people who get hurt the first and worst are the people who need the government the most. .... Yes, it is a choice of two futures, and Mitt Romney is very clearly giving the country that choice.... we're happy to have this debate.