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Veepstakes: Winning the future?

"Is Mitt Romney the GOP's future, or is he the GOP's past? That's one way to look at his upcoming choice of a running mate. As Mr. Romney gears up for that announcement, the political world is tripping through the usual speculation about which veep candidate offers Mr. Romney the biggest Electoral College bang. Can Rob Portman deliver Ohio? Can Marco Rubio help with Florida? Would Bobby Jindal stir the minority vote? Might not Kelly Ayotte tap those younger voters, and women? Blah, blah, blah. As Mr. Romney is fond of saying, this election is big—very big—and will come down to a "fundamental choice." The Republican means that in the sense of his own philosophical differences with Barack Obama. But that "choice" might just as easily be a reference to today's two wings of the GOP—the old political operators, and the new aggressive reformers," The Wall Street Journal writes.

PAWLENTY: The Washington Post headline: "Pawlenty patiently waiting for payoff."

RYAN: Politico on why Paul Ryan's Washington lineage could be a risk for Mitt Romney.

The New York Post headline: "Don't fear Paul Ryan"

The New York Daily News: "He wasn’t hired. Despite his wishes, Donald Trump will not be among the featured speakers at the Republican National Convention, sources confirmed Thursday. Trump had been fueling talk that he was going to get a coveted speaking slot during the GOP lovefest later this month — but his team claims he will still play a “major role” in Tampa."