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Brazilian Cop Shoots Suspects After High-Speed Chase

Instead of arresting them, the officer pulls up alongside them, draws his weapon and fires a number bullets into the suspects.

A Brazilian cop who was filmed by a TV news crew shooting two teenage suspects after a high-speed chase is being investigated, officials said.

One of the suspected motorcycle thieves is seen throwing a helmet at the officer as they raced through the streets of Sao Paolo. Seconds later, they crashed off the road and crumpled onto the sidewalk.

Footage captured by broadcaster Hora News' helicopter shows the officer pulling up alongside the suspects, drawing his weapon and firing several bullets at them from just a few feet away.

Both teens survived. One was being treated in hospital for serious wounds while the other escaped with non-life threatening injuries.

Brazilian law enforcement officials confirmed that they are examining the TV footage.

A study conducted by the Brazilian Forum on Public Safety found that police in the country killed more than 11,000 people from 2009 to 2013 — an average of six killings a day.

The Associated Press contributed.