Video Shows Explosion Near White Helmet Rescuers in Douma, Syria

Caught on Camera: Syrian Rescue Team Caught Up in Explosion 2:03

Dramatic video has emerged of an explosion hitting a building as it was being evacuated following a previous strike, providing a rare insight into the life of Syrian civilians amid the country's raging civil war.

The video posted Friday by the White Helmets, a group of Syrian volunteer rescue workers, shows men rushing into a badly damaged building in Douma. One is carrying an orange stretcher as he clambers over the rubble. The video follows them inside, where rescuers are seen starting to carry at least three children out of the building.

A voice is heard saying "Douma, October 2" and then the speaker tries to reassure the frightened victims by saying "nothing happened.”

Suddenly the whine of an incoming shell is heard and a stream of rubble and masonry collapses into the ruined room. Desperate screams and repeated cries of "God is great!" are heard as dust obscures the scene. Dirty faces emerge only to disappear again.

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As the camera is shakily carried from the building, a crackling orange blaze can be seen on the street.

The video is titled: "The moment a rocket falls from a warplane on a team of emergency responders from the civil defense in Douma moments ago.” According to its caption, four people were injured in the back-to-back strikes.

Journalists cannot operate freely or safely in Syria, and NBC News could not verify all of the details or location of the video.

The video was one of several purporting to have been taken in Douma on Friday and showing what appeared to be airstrikes in the area.

They followed Russia's decision to send warplanes to Syria at the request of President Bashar Assad. Russia said it was bombing ISIS, but U.S. officials have questioned whether the strikes were more widespread.

Syrian and U.S. jets also operate in the country's airspace and it was not clear who carried out the strikes.

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