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Virginia coal survives Obama re-election, somehow

After President Obama's re-election, one Ohio coal executive laid off 150 workers and blamed the administration's "war on coal."

Times are little better in Virginia. Governor Bob McDonnell has criticized Obama's energy policies as bad for Virginia's coal industry. Today, McDonnell's office sent out a press released titled: "Governor McDonnell Applauds Massive Call Backs and Hiring of Miners by Southern Coal Corporation: Effort will save 500 miners jobs; and another 650 new miners will be hired."

You can read the news coverage here. Or you can get it from the McDonnell press release, in full, after the jump.

Governor McDonnell made the following statement, following the announcement by Southern Coal Corporation of massive call backs and hiring of miners in Southwest Virginia, Southern West Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky. The company has worked over the last month with several customers to secure coal orders to be able to save jobs as well as reopen mines closed earlier this year. Southern Coal has entered into a multi-year agreement with one of the nation's largest utility providers, American Electric Power. Jim and Jay Justice, owners of Southern Coal, have been in constant negotiation with officials of American Electric Power to be able to save jobs and restart the mines.

"I want to thank the Southern Coal Corporation, American Electric Power, and Jim and Jay Justice for their proactive work to save jobs and support a critically important Virginia industry. This effort will save 500 miners jobs, and another 650 new miners will be hired as well. That is great news for those miners, their families, and our Commonwealth, as well as our neighboring states of West Virginia and Kentucky. Coal is an important part of our "all of the above" domestic energy strategy. The coal industry powers our economy, and it provides good-paying jobs for our citizens. Again, I want to thank Southern Coal Corporation, Jim and Jay Justice, American Electric Power, and every individual involved in this great example of cooperation in pursuit of job creation. This is a positive moment for Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and our nation's economy.