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Virginia license plates challenge, now with Gadsden flag

Just when you thought we couldn't have more fun with Virginia license plates, the commonwealth added a "Don't Tread on Me" plate. Back in 2010, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said that if the DMV added the Tea Party-esque plates, he would put them on his car. The idea is to celebrate limited government, now in the land that mandates medically unnecessary ultrasounds for women who want an abortion.

As with Virginia's "Respect Women. Trust Choice" plate, this one comes the option to customize the message. After the jump, Margaret Doyle of Richmond, Virginia, sends a picture of the Planned Parenthood tag she .

If you decide to try personalizing one of the new Gadsden Flag plates, take a screengrab like the ones you see here and send it in. We can round up the best ones for a slideshow.