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VP question follows Christie everywhere

Last night, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey joined Mitt Romney at a fundraiser in Woodbridge, New Jersey. At a town hall in Mahwah today, Christie got asked whether he's a potential pick for vice president. "Mahwah is slow to get to this question, compared to others at the town hall venue," Christie answered as the audience chuckled. 

"Listen, I was with Governor Romney last night. Let me announce that he did not ask me last night to run for vice president while I was with him." ...

"If Governor Romney calls and asks me, I'll listen. I don't expect to get the call. I don't expect to be asked. And I'll do whatever I can as I have been since last October when I was the first governor in America to endorse him. I expect to continue to go out and there and work hard for him and try to get him to be elected president. But I don't think that that's going to be me being as his running mate. I don't know any inside information, that's just my sense. I could wind up being surprised, he could wind up calling and asking me -- but it would be a surprise to me if he called up and asked ..."

Video via The Star-Ledger