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'Warm and fuzzy' video shows off Google's Photovine service

Google — or more specifically, Google subsidiary Slide — is working on a photo-sharing service called Photovine. We got our first peek at the project's vague placeholder website yesterday, but now there's a video which shows us just how Photovine's iPhone app will work.

Based on the video, it appears that the general idea behind Photovine is to upload photos with tags — such as the "warm and fuzzy" used in the demo — and then explore the images which others upload to match the tag's theme. In other words, you "plant a photo" and "watch it grow," just as Photovine's tagline suggests.

The Next Web reports that along with the video, there is now a button which allows you to request a Photovine invite on the placeholder site. Don't get too excited about that addition though, because invites still won't be rolling out until later this month.

That's about all we know about Photovine at this point. There aren't precise details regarding when the service will launch publicly or an explanation as to why an iPhone is being used in the first demo video instead of a device powered by Google's Android operating system. 

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