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Watch commuters in Argentina help save woman who fell onto the tracks

A man appears to pass out on the subway platform in Buenos Aires, Argentina, accidentally knocking a woman into harm's way.

A woman fell onto train tracks in Argentina, prompting her fellow commuters to signal frantically for the train operator to hit the brakes in a dramatic moment caught on video.

The scene unfolded Tuesday in Buenos Aires, with one commuter who appears to pass out on the platform falling forward and accidentally knocking the woman into the path of an approaching train, according to surveillance footage released by police.

Other riders jumped into action, screaming and waving their arms and bags at the train operator, who spotted their alert in time.

The train stopped several feet from the prone woman in the tracks, at the Pueyrredón station of the Buenos Aires Underground's D line.

"She owes life to God, not to me," train operator Roxana Flores told La Nacion newspaper. "But the fast reaction was important."

Flores said one second ended up separating life from death.

"I think there was a divine force that helped because if she had fallen like a second (later), I wouldn’t have been able to reach the brake" in time, she said.

Once Flores brought the train to a stop, riders jumped onto the tracks and lifted the woman to safety before paramedics arrived.