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Week in Geek: Birds, bees, and bubbles

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

In honor of tomorrow's full moon, here's an amazing video of the full moon from January 28, 2013 recorded in Wellington, New Zealand. Photographer Mark Gee tried for over a year to capture this stunning perspective of the moon rising at the Mount Victoria Lookout, finally finding the perfect location on a night with the perfect weather. Gee shot the moon rise from 2.1 kilometer away, which is why the moon looks as large as it does compared to the people at the lookout in the foreground. Those people, by the way, had no idea he was filming them. You can read more about Gee's project over on his website.

It's easy to take the moon for granted as just some two-dimensional image in the sky, but every now and then, something like this comes along to really drive home the point that we are sitting on a celestial body with a cratered orb rotating around us.

And now some down to Earth geek:

Have a geeky week and see you next Sunday. @Summer_Ash