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Week in Geek: Stephen Hawking's brain edition

And you thought the only thing exciting about NASA was human spaceflight.

More engineering insanity: these guys plan to launch themselves into suborbital space.

The spacecraft Voyager I, launched in 1977, is on the edge of the Solar System.

Kepler has discovered the two closest planets yet, orbiting their star less than five times the Earth-Moon distance from each other.

Scientists are trying to hack into Stephen Hawking's brain.

The domino king of YouTube recreates Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night with dominoes (VIDEO).

Robot World Cup: U.S. beats Germany 4-2 (VIDEO) (h/t @jecarter4)

Amazing photo gallery of some of the oldest trees on Earth.

Chinese astronaut in space chats with Chinese aquanaut under the ocean.

Seth MacFarlane, of "Family Guy" fame, funds the acquisition of Carl Sagan's papers for the Library of Congress.

In related Sagan news, take a listen to this choral music based on his words. It's strangely fitting.

At SETIcon last week, Frank Drake show's he just like us.

Japanese researchers create a robot that will beat you every time at rock-paper-scissors. No word yet on whether it knows rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock.

Lastly, on a somber note, Lonesome George, the last giant tortoise of the Galapagos Islands passed away. RIP Lonesome George.

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