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Weiner is back in the press, leaving door open for a political comeback

Disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is trying to raise his profile with a new image: as a family man.

“I can’t say absolutely that I will never run for public office again, but I’m very happy in my present life. I’m not doing anything to plan a campaign," Weiner told People magazine in an interview set to hit newsstands this Friday.

But despite Weiner's claim that his focus is now centered on his family, the interview perfectly coincides with speculation over his political ambitions for the future. According to the New York Post, sources say Weiner is "seriously considering" a bid for New York City mayor in 2013. And thanks in part to a  New York Times report saying that Weiner has the war chest to pull it off, the speculation continues.

“Congressman Weiner is still profane, still opinionated, but he seems to be a great dad,” Politico’s Mike Allen said on Wednesday's Morning Joe.

Weiner's PR campaign to re-invent himself as Dad of the Year with a normal family life comes after racy images splashed across the Internet cut short his promising career in politics last year. The People spread, featuring Weiner's wife Huma Abedin and 6-month-old son Jordan, shows a family still trying to put Weiner's past behind them.

"It took a lot of work to get to where are are today, but I want people to know we're a normal family," says Abedin, 37.

"Anthony has spent every day since [the scandal] trying to be the best dad and husband he can be," she says of her husband, who does all the laundry. "I'm proud to be married to him."