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Were you paying attention in 2011?

Molly Crabapple

Ok, so I came up dry last night for a new decryptomaddowlogical. Even now, having slept on it, I don't have a good scamble-able pun for data mining or subversive game shows. (Lots of puns, but none that scramble well in a way I can write a clue to: tap dancing? data mine your manners?)

But to ensure our news-game playing muscle doesn't get too soft and flabby during my spell of mental blockage, here's another exercise I enjoyed:

Artist Molly Crabapple recently exhibited a collection of paintings she called "Shell Game." [Spoiler alert: Here's the link to the press release about the exhibition, but it contains some of the answers to the challenge I'm proposing, so you might want to wait and click it later.]

In each of the 6'x4' paintings, Crabapple depicts a news story from 2011. With the exhibition over, on May Day she released the images under a Creative Commons license.

There are nine total, including the one below. In how many of them can you identify the story or theme she's depicting? Here's your only clue, from the press release:

"It was the year when everyone sat down in the main squares of their cities and said the old machine is broken,” observes Crabapple.

The page containing the high resolution versions is spoiler free except that the names of the works are in the individual URLs.