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Wet's Happening: Could you be the next Wendy the Waterdrop?

Ask your Beltway friends, what is your secret mascot dream job? and many will say,  I wish I could be Wendy the Waterdrop. According to DCist:

Wendy the Waterdrop was created three years ago as part of D.C. Water's image overhaul. She answers questions that customers may have, including how automatic meters work and why water mains break during the winter.

For one lucky person. that dream is now within reach.

D.C. Water is holding auditions today and next Tuesday for its mascot, Wendy the Waterdrop. According to the open call, "Participants should be charismatic, energetic and outgoing. Mascot hopefuls will be required to perform some non-verbal movement and try on Water Drop costume." (It doesn't say so, but it should go without saying: if you want to be Wendy, you better find the inner workings of providing water really interesting.)

More background on Wendy can be found here. Remember: charismatic, energetic, outgoing and, one assumes, two parts hydrogen one part oxygen. Also? Wendy can proudly stand side by side with these Japanese eco mascots: