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This is what a Romney administration would look like on 'Day One'

Mitt Romney today released his first general-election TV commercial, promising to approve the Keystone Pipeline, repeal the Affordable Care Act (which was based on Governor Romney's health care law in Massachusetts) and introduce tax cuts and on the FIRST DAY of his presidency.


So, this is the top priorities of the Romney administration on the very first day:

  • tear up the environment to pay off big oil
  • introduce huge tax breaks for the rich
  • take away health care for millions of working class citizens

You've gotta admit, Romney is stunningly open about his desire to help the very wealthy at the expense of the working class.

The good news is even if Romney wins, he can't do any of this without congressional approval.  For example, a full repeal of health care would require votes from Republican majorities in both the House and Senate or Democratic support for repeal.

Republicans currently control the House and have voted to repeal the law. But Democrats control the Senate, and the balance of power on Capitol Hill would have to shift in order to make Romney's pledge a reality.

Congress also would have to act on taxes as the president cannot set tax rates.