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This is what voter suppression looks like

New analysis of voter suppression is out of Florida tonight and the results are stunning.

Since a new set of state voting laws went into effect last year (July 1, 2011), the number of new Democrats registering in Florida has all but disappeared, according to a review by The Florida Times-Union.  It reports:

During the 13 months beginning July 1 the year before elections in 2004 and 2008, registered Democrats increased by an average of 209,425 voters.

From 2011 to this year, that number was 11,365.

Over that same time, the number of registered Republicans increased by 128,039, topping the average of 103,555 during the past two presidential cycles.

Voting rights activists at the time argued said it would disproportionately affect minority voters who tend to lean democratic.  Those activists seem to be proven right.