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What will the Clean Coal Carolers sing about now?

Attention fans of coal, singing or otherwise: here's an important announcement by the city of Los Angeles:

...commissioners at the Department of Water and Power moved forward with plans to dump the utility's interest in a coal-burning plant in Arizona and convert another one in Utah to natural gas. The plants provide nearly 40% of the city's energy.

The changes, coupled with new commitments to renewable power, would make the city coal-free by 2025, utility officials said.

While clearly a victory for the environment, L.A's decision seriously undermines the message of the Clean Coal Carolers, those jolly carbon crooners from the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity who were so gleefully dismantled on this show four years ago. Obviously, if the C.C.C. chooses to respond musically to these developments, you'll see it here first.