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What's the craziest place you've lost your phone?


When an Atlanta teenager girl dropped her cell phone down her apartment building's trash chute, she did the most logical thing in the situation — she dove in after it. And got stuck. Luckily, she was rescued by firefighters and treated only for a couple minor scratches. Most importantly, she got her phone back.

Readers on Kathie Lee and Hoda's Facebook page shared the weirdest place they've lost a phone. "Some we can't even discuss because it' so disgusting," said Hoda Wednesday morning, but here are a couple that made the cut:

"My iPhone got spilled out of a bag in Smith Lake & my husband went scuba diving with only a garden hose to retrieve it, but no luck!!" - Cyndi Tidwell, Alabama

"I know someone who dropped theirs in a port-o-potty and fished it out." - Meredith Brown, Kansas

"A hot bucket of tar." - Christi Gideon, Missouri.

"I left mine at the Creation Museum in the planetarium (fell out of my pocket while I was reclining in the seat)." - Tina Marie Miller, Demerath, Indiana.

"I left my phone on top of my jeep one day. I got all the way home and realized my phone was missing. I went back to where I lost it, and walked to miles up and down the road....I finally found it though, so that day was a success!" - Cassie Mathis, Tennesseee.

"A wood-burning stove. It was charred, didn't make calls, but I was able to retrieve the numbers!" - Karen Ansbro Leone, New Jersey.

"Dropped in a toilet." - Everybody, Everywhere.

In fact, "toilet" was the most popular answer by far. You guys! Don't you know Kathie Lee's bowl of rice trick? OK, probably wouldn't help much with the wood-burning stove.

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor. She wears her cell phone handcuffed to her wrist like a spy.

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