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What's it going to take to change the gun laws in this country?

Polls leading up to Friday's movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado, show there's not much support for stricter gun laws.  Voters seemed to support tighter controls right after the Columbine shootings in 1999. 

But, as you can see, gun control has become less and less popular over the past thirteen years. 

So what’s it going to take to change the gun laws in this country?

"There should be a serious discussion and debate, not a hysterical one, not one that is so polarized that you can't have a legitimate discussion," Philadelphia Mayor Nichael Nutter (D) said Friday on The Ed Show.  "People want to be safe in America.  And that's what we need to stay focused."

"I am pessimistic that we're going to make progress, or what I would consider progress on, towards sensible gun control," said Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson.  "An assault weapons ban, that seems to be a no-brainer to me.  But I don`t think that the conditions are there to move toward that."

"We could have changes in the law, but before that, we have to get changes in the conversation," said Bloomberg View columnist Jonathan Alter.  "And that is achievable in the next few weeks if we focus on it."

What do you think?