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When political commentary goes to the dogs

White House photo

The Obama family apparently has a new puppy, Sunny, which I wouldn't ordinarily mention were it not for some of the political commentary the dog has apparently generated.

Ron Chusid directed my attention to this actual report from the Daily Caller.

There's a brand new adorable member of the First Family, everyone, and if you read the Washington Post or the Huffington Post or Buzzfeed or whatever you'll probably see all kinds of listicles and memes about how cute it is. [...]

With the addition of Sunny, the Obamas now have two black Portuguese water dogs.

The Obamas do not have any white dogs. [emphasis added]

Look, I realize the Daily Caller has had a rough year, and I don't mean to pile on, but have we really reached the point at which conservative media feels the need to make crude racial observations based on the color of the fur of the president's dogs?

"The Obamas do not have any white dogs"? Putting aside the fact that Bo appears to have black and white fur, it's also true that the First Family doesn't have any gray dogs. Or yellow labs. Or green pet turtles. Or goldfish. The significance of this is ... non-existent.

So why is it, exactly, that the troubled conservative website felt the need to point out the absence of white dogs?

Honestly, I'm not sure how a satirist would make fun of the Daily Caller. How would anyone know the difference?